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Rapid Travel Staffing

Our Rapid Travel Staffing model is designed to deliver highly qualified, hard to find travel staff within a short period of time (usually within 10 days). Rapid Travel can be used for a sudden increase in patient census, urgent needs and crisis staffing situations. Rapid Travel is often reserved for hard to fill units like Labor & Delivery, NICU, Operating Room, Critical Care, etc.

The staff that fills these positions are ready to travel within a short period of time and are able to step right into the hospital unit where they are needed. Our Rapid Travel staff provides quality patient care and thrive on stepping into this type of critical staffing situation. The length of a Rapid Travel assignment is dependent on the needs of the client.

Our Rapid Travel staff are properly screened and credentialed on order to meet the client-facility’s and Joint Commission’s standards. Our Rapid Travel staff must have a minimum of two years current work experience with at least one year in the unit she or he will be assigned to work. In most cases, our Rapid Travel staff has well over five years of current work experience in a facility similar to the one they are being assigned to work.

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